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Default OT: Vaccine causes virus mutations?

Rod Speed wrote:
Snit wrote
Rod Speed wrote
Commander Kinsey wrote

Doesn't giving a coronavirus vaccine to everyone increase
the chances of the virus mutating to avoid the vaccine?

Nope, it's the reverse of that, the virus can only
mutate in infected people and so the fewer that
get infected, the less the chance of it mutating.


So we should be using it sparingly.

Nope, we should be vaccinating as many as possible with
the best vaccines to reduce the number who get infected.

Yup. And they are nearing what they think is herd immunity in New York.

Dunno, nothing useful on that with
Gotta link ?

See in the news they will be lifting restrictions. The current threshold
for herd immunity is 70%. They are just about there.

Heard it from the wife of a doctor doing research in New York but it
might not be official.

Personal attacks from those who troll show their own insecurity. They
cannot use reason to show the message to be wrong so they try to feel
somehow superior by attacking the messenger.

They cling to their attacks and ignore the message time and time again.