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Default OT: Vaccine causes virus mutations?

FromTheRafters wrote:
Commander Kinsey formulated on Monday :
Doesn't giving a coronavirus vaccine to everyone increase the chances of the
virus mutating to avoid the vaccine? So we should be using it sparingly.

Good point actually. I questioned this earlier as I was thinking about
in the USA we have basically three vaccines. We have heard about
bacteria being resistant due to overuse of antibacterials and
antibiotics. This is a little different.

The greatest threat is in the unvaccinated population who continue to
harbor the virus, there will always be some for one reason or another.
The bigger the host population the more the viruses environment shapes
the newer generations. Resistance can build.

The other point is, vaccinated people can still host the virus and
spread it to others, they are just less likely to get the serious
disease outcome than the unvaccinated. This is no magic bullet, it is
just another common-sense weapon in the battle against the virus.

The good news is the vaccines seem to work better than first anticipated in
terms of preventing the disease at all.

Personal attacks from those who troll show their own insecurity. They
cannot use reason to show the message to be wrong so they try to feel
somehow superior by attacking the messenger.

They cling to their attacks and ignore the message time and time again.