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Default Water butt connector

On Mon, 7 Jun 2021 10:51:04 +0100, newshound


The trick with all that sort of thing is understanding the mechanics
of what is going on. I've seen people try to join / fix fuel hose with
insulation tape and seem surprised when it more or less melts or
un-glues in front of them or things that instantly burst off out
though because of pressure.

Oh indeed. Pressure, temperature, chemistry.

And mechanics ... the chances of being able to get access / sufficient
material on the job to stand a chance.

But I do find you can make
surprisingly effective and also neat-looking connections with tape.

And you are likely to be able to cover all the requirements of course.

one of my sink drains, I had to couple solvent weld and compression pipe
where there was no room for a compression coupling. But telescoping the
tubes together and wrapping with stretched PVC tape has worked fine for
25 years.

Yeah. I have similar in place that have been there on years (not on
any plumbing as it happens) even when often it was only going to be
temporary. ;-)

Also, it would be easy to dismantle if I need to.

Generally yes. I'm not sure if the adhesives used in 'the old days'
were chemically better (even if not for the environment etc) but you
do also get those where you try to un-peel something and it all flies
undone because the adhesive has failed / dried throughout or it's all
bonded together (like self amalgamating tape).

Cheers, T i m