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On 07/06/2021 00:48, Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
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newshound wrote:
I have the bottom of mine about 12 inches above the desk, so the tops
are about level with the top of my head. But although I use varifocals
elsewhere, I have dedicated single focus "computer" glasses, IIRC +1.5
on my infinity prescription.

Same here. Need more powerful ones for reading, though.

I also require glasses for reading small print (moderate
long-sightedness - +2.5D glasses). I really dislike wearing them because
apart from making the print clearer, they also magnify it. I can't get
my head round whether or not this is solely a consequence of the lenses
correcting the long-sightedness being convex, or it's something else.
Why is it not possible to correct the focal deficiency without

As an aside, does anyone else feel that an eye-test where you are asked
if different lenses are clearer or not isn't very scientific? It
represents one "measurement" at one point in time. I often wonder that,
if the test was repeated at different times on different days, it would
give the same result.