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Default Apologies...

Is not that nntp?


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"Paul" wrote in message
JNugent wrote:
On 06/06/2021 02:45 pm, Andy Burns wrote:

JNugent wrote:

My SMTP settings are proving elusive

What's SMTP got to do with a non-moderated group?

That's SMTP as in the return path on a usenet account.

Every account I have on this PC has reset itself over the last few days
and passwords, etc, have had to be re-submitted.'s SMTP setting are always a problem when this
happens. I needed to experiment.

At least, staying on topic, I did it myself.

USENET uses nothing but NNTP protocol.

SMTP is not involved. SMTP stands
for "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" and is
an email technology.

USENET activity can be spoofed with a telnet
session to Port 119

telnet 119

and then, how could SMTP possibly be involved ???

Sample article. Demonstrating some commands.

OK, you tried that, and it didn't work and funny
things happened. Well, the problem is, NNTP servers
today, use "fast" connections and the connection is
dropped, practically as soon as the user stops providing
input. You have to work at "machine speed" to keep a connection.
By implementing this in INN, you can handle about
10X as many customers. But you also ruin the joys
of exercising NNTP protocol over Telnet or Stelnet.

We'll have to be content with this then, as a proof of concept.