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On 05/06/2021 21:59, Robin wrote:
On 05/06/2021 21:14, John Rumm wrote:
On 05/06/2021 16:22, Andy Bennet wrote:
On 05/06/2021 15:56, Peter Johnson wrote:
On Sat, 5 Jun 2021 12:52:58 +0100, "Jim GM4DHJ ..."

Well that is five £25 wins in five months since I this
normal ?

Depends how big your holding is, I'd say,


and how recently it was


Recent purchases win more often than older ones because
there are more of them, so a large holding purchased in the last 12
months will produce more winners than a similarly large holding
purchased, say, five or ten years ago.

Complete garbage. Each bond has exactly the same probability of
winning regardless of when it was purchased.

I suspect the logic is that it has the same chance of winning as any
other bond. However as the total number of bonds issued increases, the
chances of any bond winning gets smaller. e.g. if you bought 10K bonds
when there were 10M issued, you would be more likely to win than if
you bought 10K when there were 100M issued.

I think not...

(I presume they adjust the payout from time to time to accommodate
that and the fluctuating returns they get investing the money)

...because your presumption is not correct.

erm, I think you just confirmed my presumption *is* correct - they do
adjust the payout to account for the changing number of active bonds.

Newly purchased bonds do not enter the draw until they have been held
for a month.* This allows the total amount of prizes when they enter the
draw to be recalculated /every/ month to take account of the newly
purchased bonds (and any bonds cashed in, and the then current interest
rate on the fund). So eg if an extra 100,000 people each bought £50,000
bonds in November then by the time of December draw their £5 billion
would add an extra £50 million in prizes available.* So the odds of any
bonds winning - new or old - would accordingly be maintained[1]



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