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Default Is there any "market" for old electronics, even for free?

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Micky in ahr wasnt initially specific but later talked
about modems and routers and CRT tvs.

I've sold a CRT tv to a collector. Quite a young chap too.

(Would have had to be to carry it down the stairs.)

I still have a massive great Grundig that had to have
2 of us lift onto the low table thing it still sits on.

I might cry if I took it up the dump.

In pain from physical exertion

Nope, its much too big for one person, it needs two to move it.

How many inches is the screen?

Grundig Elegance MFW 82 3110 Widescreen

30" diagonal with a massive 3" bezel all round.

or from missing your favourite device?

It has never been my favourite device and
I literally havent used it for decades now.

I am just irritated by a still working fine quite
expensive at the time device being dumped.

If it won't go on freecycle,

No one would want it.

then it's of no use, dump it,

Grundig Elegance MFW 82 3110 Widescreen

or take it apart and make use of the bits.

No useful bits in it.

I got the same result when the local council scrapped
their previous DEC mini. Bit well designed metal cabinet
with the 11/65 in it with dozens of washing machine
sized disk pack drives. No one bid anything for it at
a bit public auction of all sorts of ex council stuff.

The fella I was standing next to was planning to take
the big metal cabinet and strip everything out of it
and use it for a cubby for his kids. I nearly cried.

I cleared out several cupboards of old **** at my work, a lot made me cash
on Ebay as it was classed as antique.

No one wanted it or any of the dozens of washing
machine sized pack drives either. They were all
antiques but would have cost a fortune to ship.

My predecessor had just hoarded it to avoid paying the recycling fee.
Loads of Mac Classics, 15" (ish) video disk players, etc.

This was much older than that stuff.

But my comment was about crying, not its sale value.

Think you lot call a cubby a wendy house or something silly like that.

Yeah, I dunno who Wendy is. Probably a manufacturer's name.


Old modem/routers, unless they're good ones that cost
£100+ new, or less than a couple of years old, are usually
close to worthless. The free ones given away by ISPs usually
aren't worth more than the £4.95 they charge for postage.

My Technicolor TG789vac v2 HP is brilliant. Much better wifi
than the previous DSL modem/routers I paid good money for.

It's amazing how much ****ty WiFi stuff there is, things that can't go
through one plasterboard wall!

Never seen anything like that. Bet the plasterboard wall had foil

On the inside of a house?!

Yep, allows you to heat individual rooms
being used and not the entire house.

The previous Billion 7800NXL was fine and worked fine thru a concrete
block wall and over a 6' high metal fence to the middle of my back
neighbour's backyard about 150' from the modem/router.

The Technicolor TG789vac v2 HP does much better than that, thru
the back neighbour's brick wall and right into the house too.

I'm talking about the ones that come free with the ISP.

The Technicolor TG789vac v2 HP did.