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Default ATTN: Rod Speed: Alexa et al listen in on you.

Commander Kinsey wrote
Max Demian wrote
Commander Kinsey wrote

When I worked at a university, we did some studies on voice
recognition. The main thing I found was more processing
power makes a lot of difference. One of the systems we had,
you could see it thinking about it, getting a better match as
it went along. A slow processor can't keep up with a fast
talker. I don't know how good a processor is in Alexas.

Surely Alexa's processing is done centrally by the Amazon server.

That's a rather silly way to do it.


They'd need a huge system,

But that approach allows very cheap computers in each device.

and there would be problems with latency.

In reality there isnt. The only downside is that
it doesn't work when the net isnt available.

You don't need that much CPU to process voice,

You previously said you need a lot.

it should be inside the device.

Not even possible with the answer to most questions.

There might just be a reason google isnt in the PC.