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Default OT: Online prescriptions. Better than Boots?

On Fri, 04 Jun 2021 14:36:32 +0100, Graham Harrison

snip I thought I'd replied to this Graham but I can't see one so ...

Here in Somerset my surgery has two ways in which I can order online
and I suspect they are both available England wide (and maybe

The first I signed up to was "Patient Access"
( The other is the NHS "App" - not the
NHS Covid App but the more generic one.

I have only done the one that allows for electronic ordering of
prescriptions as that didn't require the presentation of any photo ID
(that I don't have).

In both cases there is a registration process. I don't remember having
to visit my surgery for patientaccess and I definitely didn't have to
with NHS App.

Hmm. ;-(

However, both work on the basis that you have to manage your own life
by logging on and requesting medication. Once approved it goes to your
chosen, local, pharmacy. I'm quite happy with that arrangement and I
cannot remember whether the use of some form of postal delivery was an

TBF, the old manual paper prescription system worked ok for us as we
were often within a few paces of our preferred chemist, Boots when out
shopping or even dog walking. The only time it was an issue is if we
happened past when the pharmacy was closed for lunch (they seem to be
on a sort of flexi time), if we tried to collect too soon (before
signing up for the text notification) or if it had been held up for
some reason (awaiting delivery of a drug order to the shop).

Prior to Covid that worked rather well for me because I could
do things like order a week early if we were going away and the
reorder fell in the "away" period - I just added a note to explain.

Yup, same here.

These days I simply know that as the end of the month arrives it's
time to reorder.

I don't always put my tablets out (the Mrs might) so I don't always
know how many I have left in the packet and given I don't know what
day of the week it is some times (courtesy to never being diaried and
retired). ;-)

Out of interest I looked at some of the online/postal services. They
ALL require you to register and they all require you to initiate an
order as far as I can see.

When I asked here I though I was told, once started the repeats would
be automatic? ;-(

Having said they need you to manage your own life/orders I was
reminded that hereabouts my GP and local Boots have an automatic
reorder service but when my wife was using that she still had to
remember to go and get it.

When doing the old paper prescription they would ask if we wanted to
resubmit the request when collecting but the Mrs always said no for
some reason, putting it in manually later?

My advice would be to phone your surgery (at a quiet time, not first
thing) and ask them what options they offer/suggest.

Seeing I only had less than a weeks worth of tablets left, I
re-submitted the previously 'cancelled' one and am awaiting a reply.

checks spam folder from yesterday

"Thanks for choosing Boots. We have now received a prescription from
your GP and will start the assembly of your item(s). You should
receive your order within the next 5 days and we'll let you know when
it's in the post."

So, assuming it arrives, do I understand I might be able to request
from the GP a maximum of 3 months worth (I think the Boots online
reminder service allows for intervals of 1 month and up)?

Cheers, T i m