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On 05/06/2021 21:14, John Rumm wrote:

(I presume they adjust the payout from time to time to accommodate that
and the fluctuating returns they get investing the money)

The monthly prize fund is currently calculated at one twelfth of 1% of
all the bonds currently issued, ie the annual return is 1% on average.

Currently, the chance of a £25 prize is 1 in 34,500. That is for one bond.

Jim has 15,000 bonds, so he has been rather lucky to have won several
months in a row. With that holding, his chance of winning £25 in any
month is 35.3%.

Jim claims to have won 5 months in a row this year, IIRC, which has a
probability of 0.5%, ie 1 in 200.