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Default ATTN: Rod Speed: Alexa et al listen in on you.

Commander Kinsey wrote

When I worked at a university, we did some studies on voice recognition.
The main thing I found was more processing power makes a lot of
difference. One of the systems we had, you could see it thinking about
it, getting a better match as it went along. A slow processor can't keep
up with a fast talker. I don't know how good a processor is in Alexas.

Its pretty good, it doesn't get it wrong very often at all.

Very interesting watching siri on an iphone when
using voice input rather than the virtual keyboard,
you can see it changing the words as it uses
context to help with which word you intend.

Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote

If you go into the app, it can be good fun to see what you said and what
thought you said in the history. Hours of laughs.
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