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On 05/06/2021 21:11, Jim GM4DHJ ... wrote:
On 05/06/2021 21:00, Robert wrote:
On 05/06/2021 20:58, Jim GM4DHJ ... wrote:
On 05/06/2021 20:51, Jim GM4DHJ ... wrote:
So how are virgin going to cock up o2 now then and what will happen
to my no longer available short lived o2 3 2 1 payg tarrif ? ....
and does it mean virgin will now come on to 900 Megs or will o2 lose
900 megs ? ...
and did virgin mobile actually move from ee to vodaphone or is the o2
deal insead of this ? ...

Existing Virgin mobile customers are still on EE

so they didn't move to vodaphone then ?

Will this change how O2's Pay As You Go works?

'No, there'll be no immediate changes to our Pay As You Go service. For
now, your rates and the way you manage your account will stay the same.'

that sounds dodgy...bound to feck things up the 321 o2 paygo was to
fight the 3* 321 tarrif and was better as it had 900 Mc/s ....

Please note, this tariff is no longer available to existing customers
wishing to switch to the tariff. If you are not already on this tariff
you will not be able to switch to it.
Classic Pay As You Go

With Classic Pay As You Go, you pay for what you use, as you go. The
minimum top up requirement is £10.

If you don't top up, or add a Bolt On at least once in any six month
period, your mobile will be disconnected and you'll lose any credit on
your account. If you want to be reconnected you'll be given a new mobile

Classic Pay As You Go charges

Calls are 3p a minute.
Texts are 2p.
Data is 1p a MB.
Calls to customer service are free of charge
Calls to Voicemail are 3p a call.

that is a bit of a swizz I thought you only had to make a chargable call
every six months like 3