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Default Advice needed replacing corrugated iron with concrete sectionalgarage.

On 04/06/2021 21:02, Johnny B Good wrote:
On Tue, 01 Jun 2021 20:31:18 +0100, Chris Bacon wrote:

Photos of your existing arrangement would be very helpful (approach to
entrance, floor, surrounding levels/area).

Righto! You can find some photos he-

What is the soil type, and is there any cracking and displacement of the
existing "slab"? If it's moving, then that's not very good. If it's
staying in one place albeit with cracks, I would not worry about it.

You'll need about 4 cubic metres of concrete. You can save money by
making it in a concrete mixer yourself (hire £35/week, 1 week), or with
family help. 52 x 25kg bags of cement (~£250, but discount?), 9 x 800kg
bags of all-in 20mm ballast (about £540, but you may be able to get a
discount, I paid about £43/bag for ballast last year (Travis Perkins!))
if you have it in your area (use if you need to use
sand and aggregate or whatnot separately) Also, two sheets of A142 or
A193 steel mesh fabric|(say £75 for A142 4800 x 2400mm). Use 47 by 150mm
timber for the formwork ~£33/5.4m length) on 50mm posts. A sheet of
Visqueen about £35, lay it in the formwork and lap it up the sides,
support the mesh fabric on proper meshmen, the expense is not
significant. Oh, buy a good wheelbarrow too, 120l galvanised pneumatic
tyre not solid or "puncture proof", say £50, go for discount & I'd guess
£700 all in.

You should not have any planning issues if you keep the height under
2.5m and make it of stuff that does not burn readily,concrete qualifies.

Think about what door(s) you want. I would not have an up'n'over door on
a workshop.

My main concerns were regarding Nucrete as a reliable and trustworthy
supplier and how best to bring the base up to a decent standard.

They look OK. I see they sell "extra height" buildings for all their
designs. Headroom is good.