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Default Troll-feeding Disgusting Senile Blind MOLE Alert!

On Sat, 5 Jun 2021 08:37:26 +0100, Brainless & Daft, the notorious,
troll-feeding senile idiot, blathered again:

If you go into the app, it can be good fun to see what you said and what it
thought you said in the history. Hours of laughs.
a lady play radio 2
A lady heard play radio tooth, sorry I cannot find that station here is
rap radio from Belfast.
I invented the names but it is the gist of how it can kind of be counter
Brainless & Daft

You're at least as full of **** as the troll you keep feeding, you
disgusting troll-feeding senile sicko, aka Blind, Brainless AND Daft!