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Default Bitcoin Mining Operation Is Uncovered During U.K. Drug Bust

This has always seemed to me to be a completely bonkers concept. After all,
its hardly going to save the planet and no matter how good the encryption
somebody will be able to break it by just throwing resources at the problem.



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David P wrote:
Bitcoin Mining Operation Is Uncovered During U.K. Drug Bust
By Davies & Ostroff, 5/28/21, Wall St. Journal British police got a shock
when they raided a suspected illegal cannabis farm this week: Instead of
halogen lamps & weed, they found about 100 computers mining bitcoin.

Officers from the West Midlands Police forced entry into the warehouse in
an area west of the city of Birmingham known as the Black Country with a
drug warrant, after intel suggested it was being used to grow the illegal

Unusual amounts of wiring & ventilation were visible on the outside of
the building & a drone had measured high levels of heat rising from
it-classic signs of a cannabis factory. But the officers broke in to
discover a huge bank of computers in what they now suspect was a
cryptocurrency mine.

They also found that the computers used stolen electricity by tapping
directly into the power supply outside of the warehouse's circuits.
Police said the mine consumed thousands of pounds worth of electricity.

Actually, they're using Bitmain boxes, at around 3000 each.
At least 180,000 worth of mining equipment is pictured here.

The power consumption of what is pictured, would be 60kW.

The Chinese facility (that they claim was recently shut
down, but who knows), that one has 25000 machines
and 25MW of power consumption. There was an IEEE Spectrum
article about that facility, back when it had fewer sheds.