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Default OT: ATTN: Rod Speed: Alexa et al listen in on you.

The main gripe I have with inline ads on the web is that a wonderfully blind
accessible web site churns out adverts which can completely trash all the
care and design the site builder has taken by merely putting scrolling
graphics, or test as pictures, or some kind of dodgy formatting in the page.
I thus use add blockers and any site that does not like it and wants me to
pay them can go to hell, they should be looking first and foremost the
person whatever their disability, otherwise what is the point if folk are
going to click away?
Its not a new problem, Remember all those download sites that had pop ups
saying download me first etc?
bringing back text and ftp sites I say.


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"Rod Speed" wrote in message
Commander Kinsey wrote

Its bull****. I do have quite a few mates of mine that
show up at my place in person to get me to help
them with all sorts of stuff, usually govt forms and
getting mobile phones unlocked and fixing their
computers, cars, houses etc etc etc. NOT ONCE have
I ever seen an ad for anything discussed and I have
3 systems listening to our conversations, goggle
/nest home mini, echo dot and siri on the iphone.

And I make and receive almost all calls on my mobile
phone and always use speakerphone mode with it
when at home too and not once has anything we
have discussed showed up in an ad either.

I do mostly buy stuff on the net, quite a bit recently
and do get ads for the sort of stuff I have just bought.
I couldn't care less and don't even bother to fart
around with ad killers on my computer or phone.