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Default How to hide screws in a wooden deck?

This is all why I never want decking here. I'm sure it looks nice but as I
say the one I do have experience of, despite treated wood did rot in about
15 years. I don't think whoever does these jobs thinks ahead to actually
removing the planks. Does anyone make plastic decking?


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"Chris Bacon" wrote in message
On 04/06/2021 15:35, Suzanne Clarke wrote:
Son and hubby have removed one and a half planks in two hours. A lot of
the wood is rotten but looks like a lot is not! Any tips for quick
removal as there is a lot more to do? We want to save the base so are
afraid of letting the hulklike son just rip them up.

Once you've got a board or two up, you can either hammer a bolster in
sideways and cut the deck screws, or get a bit of 2x4, and lever them up
using another piece of timber across the joists, the screws in that case
will pull straight through the deck boards.