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Default Is there any "market" for old electronics, even for free?

On Fri, 28 May 2021 19:50:16 +0100, Rod Speed wrote:

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micky wrote

Is there any "market" for old electronics, even for free?

Depends on what it is. Quite a decent market for early personal
computers and some more specialised stuff like SCSI cards etc.

I found a 70s Commodore Pet (8KB RAM) going for 3 grand!

Its much higher with the earlier stuff.

I actually found a recycler in driving distance
who claims he will even take my CRT tvs.

That's certainly a bit dubious.

Why? Presumably they break it for materials, like with any

There isnt much of any real value in a CRT tv.

Even the glass isnt of any real value because
its very specialised glass and there is plenty of
much more useful glass with used drink bottles.

I know, except for some weird situation I won't
find, no one wants a CRT TV but what about....

A westell DSL modem Hub

None here, we have moved to VDSL2+ now.

We have fibre optics.

We do too and all the new stuff is, but we also have VDSL2+
and so do you. I could have said the original better.

Only in a very few outlying areas.

That's not true.

It is in the UK.


We even got fibre to the home at 18% a year ago.

Not to all but a very few outlying areas you didn't.

Look up the BT stats. That's where I got the numbers from.

Pretty much everyone has fibre to the cabinet,

That's VDSL2+

We name it more recognisably.

which is usually 40-80Mbit.

Mine will do 130Mb but I only pay for 50Mb.

Mine will do 54 (long way to the cabinet over copper wire) but I pay for 38.

All of our new ones and plenty of existing houses
are fiber to the home and that will do 1Gb

I dunno about new homes here, but I've seen a few people have it retro fitted. I bet when their next door neighbour asks for it, BT has to do **** all to join it on, but charge them the same.

Might still be some demand there.
still offered for $20 plus 9 shipping,
but does that mean anyone can use it?

They can if they still have a dsl service.

My wifi router.

Some do still use those as wifi access points to get more wifi access
their house.

a router without wifi?

A few do still use those.

I virtually never use my wifi.

I do for the smartphone which I use all the time
and for the kindle and for all the fully automated
lights etc and for all the stuff like echo dots, google
home minis and for the video surveillance too.

I'm trying to set up video surveillance - testing some USB cameras,
might go for IP cameras over an ethernet cable. But WiFi is nowhere
near fast enough for several 4K video streams.

Plenty fast enough for the one for each camera.

What is that in English?

There is one wifi stream to each camera.

What I meant was Wifi is shared is it not? Between all the cameras.


Your WiFi access point will transmit at a certain speed, that's shared among all devices. Unless you have two access points on different channels, which is difficult as then neighbours start interfering.

It's only for the mobile phone, and only because I run science
projects on it which would eat 4G data.

Yep, you are a real dinosaur tech wise.

I only use tech that I need or want,

But what you need or want is stupid with smartphones.

********, what am I not using that would benefit me?

Google maps to get to where you want to go with
real time turn by turn directions and traffic etc
when you are going somewhere you havent been
before for a gumtree or freecycle pickup etc.

My Satnav does that.

you use it for the sake of it.

Wrong, I use tech that I need or want.

Most of what you have are gimmics.


Still waiting for something useful. Your Alexa isn't for a start you lazy bugger.