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Default West Virginia offering guns as prizes in COVID vaccine lottery

On 6/3/2021 4:19 PM, Jim Joyce wrote:
On Thu, 3 Jun 2021 10:54:39 -0400, Frank "frank wrote:

On 6/3/2021 10:09 AM, trader_4 wrote:
On Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 7:53:58 AM UTC-4, Frank wrote:
On 6/3/2021 6:14 AM, Buck Fiden wrote:
On 6/2/21 11:01 PM, Bod wrote:

The same tactic Joe Bribem uses.
"Hey little girl, you want a piece of candy while I sniff your hair?"
Speaking of Joe, they are calling him Joejam here. He is spending
practically every weekend in Delaware and he is now at his beach house.
Ties up traffic and even closes airspace and businesses than need it.

Of course Trump's frequent travels to NJ, closing air spaces or his trips
to NYC where a whole block of Midtown was closed off, no complaints
about that.....

Don't think he did it practically every weekend like Biden does.

I was here when Biden was campaigning from his basement and had to pass
the road to his house and back as often as 5 days a week. Fortunately I
only ran into the end of a Joe Jam once. He would go out in the
afternoon an go down to the riverfront and then back home. Hardly ever
left town.

Sounds like a smart guy. As I recall, there was a pandemic at the time. The
last thing you'd want to see would be lots of needless travel and maskless
death rallys or some such.

Yes he was smart. If he was out there and talked a lot people would
have seen what he stood for and that he was on the edge of senility.