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Default A Big Climate Problem With Few Easy Solutions: Planes

In article , The Natural Philosopher
On 03/06/2021 14:54, Spike wrote:
On 03/06/2021 13:49, T i m wrote:

More importantly, there is no obligation what so ever for any one to
*reply* to what I type

Even more importantly, there is no obligation what so ever for you
write it in the first place, in a DIY group.

paraphrasing what my irascible (Irish) English teacher said:

"Every man has a right to post anything he wants and every other man
has the right to kill file him for doing it'.

All perfectly ok.

T i m is in my killfile because its not possible to have an intelligent
conversation with him and because he has never contributed any D-I-Y
knowledge I found valuable, prior to being kill filed.

cost benefit analysis suggested to me that engaging with him or even
reading his posts was a complete waste of my time