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Default Cordless Impact Drill

It could be brand engineered as some are where they are made by a well known
company. If that is the case its often a line discontinued by that company
and the new kit does not fit the old, though often its just a subtle little
change to stop you buying el cheapo batteries for the new model.
I've noticed this often in rechargeable radios etc, where the plug on the
battery pack is physically different but the battery electrically is the
same. They don't want you to fix them, just throw them and buy another. Bah


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"Tricky Dicky" wrote in message

On Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 11:54:14 AM UTC+1, Roy Lefley wrote:
I am trying to locate a replacement battery for my Cordless impact drill
24 v battery. drill PCD-24001. S/n 0601367a/2006.
Any help appreciated.
R Lefley

I am afraid this is the problem buying no name equipment, when things go
tits up finding spares or someone to repair them is often impossible. That's
the reason they are so cheap, no backup, you should regard them as throw
away when they go wrong. You may if your lucky able to re-cell the battery
but even that is fraught with issues.