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Default A Big Climate Problem With Few Easy Solutions: Planes

On 03/06/2021 14:19, T i m wrote:

However, most of the triva discussed here has little impact on anyone
else, whereas say IC vehicle pollution, livestock pollution or nuclear
fallout contamination can impact millions if not everyone.

The solution is simple. You just don't see the bigger picture.

As you hint at in your comment on IC vehicles, you could do the same
with livestock. That is, have no livestock at all in this country, just
import the meat from another country, thereby exporting the alleged
pollution there - in exact parallel to electric vehicles (the pollution
from mining, processing, and manufacture of the batteries, etc takes
elsewhere), while the goody-two-shoes like you say "Aren't out cars
pollution-free!". Ditto the electricity generators to power these
electric vehicles.

If you're expecting a nuclear war, then none of this matters, of course.
Three weeks after Nuclear Armageddon, you'll be hunting rats to eat,
after dining on your dog, and killing your fellow man to do so. You've
seen enough videos on how to do it, so you will have an advantage.