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Default West Virginia offering guns as prizes in COVID vaccine lottery

On 6/3/21 7:53 AM, Frank wrote:
On 6/3/2021 6:14 AM, Buck Fiden wrote:
On 6/2/21 11:01 PM, Bod wrote:

The same tactic Joe Bribem uses.
"Hey little girl, you want a piece of candy while I sniff your hair?"

Speaking of Joe, they are calling him Joejam here.* He is spending practically every weekend in Delaware and he is now at his beach house. *Ties up traffic and even closes airspace and
businesses than need it.

Yah, and our paid DNC propagandist liars here used to claim that President Trump spent too much time and tax dollars going golfing at his own courses.

I guess the two-faced hypocrites here think it's ok when Joejam does it.

They also forget that President Trump is a philanthropist who donated all of his paychecks to various charities.