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Andrew wrote:
On 01/06/2021 20:29, Joey wrote:

"Andrew" wrote in message
I wonder what was being carried in the attacked vehicles though ?.

Its usually the vehicle they want.

Presumably diamonds in that part of the world ?.


So why were they heavily armed, in uniform and driving a
bullet-resistant vehicle ?.

IDK, I don't think a truck like that is worth very much.

Sitting in the cab with your little gun, is cold comfort.

If you needed an RPG on the continent of Africa, I'm
sure it's a mail order item :-) The Somali pirate boats
manage to carry small stuff like that.

It makes you wonder what the police department drives.

"an elite police force known as "The Hawks" use the Volkswagen GTI
as their primary law enforcement vehicle" === because it's "good on gas"

"Nyala. This is an armored vehicle used during raids in gang invested areas"