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Default Wanted, a latch for a gate that lets it swing both ways

On 02/06/2021 11:10, Rod Speed wrote:

"newshound" wrote in message
On 02/06/2021 06:22, Richard wrote:

If you haven't found the solution yet, this is genius:

Neat, but ironically it would not be horse-proof!

Dont believe that a horse has anything it can pull up the ring with.

They cant even use their teeth for that, the front of the head wouldnt

I've had horses that could operate the pull-down bar latch in American
barn sliding doors. And they defeat people who have not seen one before.

Gotta pic ?

They would put their nose under the bit of horseshoe on their side, and
lift it up. Some might use their lips.

American barn doors are typically solid up to about 4 feet, and the bit
above has vertical bars essentially like prison bars, in a box-section
frame. To unlatch, you grip the bar nearest the opening, and slide it
upwards a few inches. They are quite stiff. But once a horse has figured
it out, it uses its nose or lips to do what you would do with your hand.