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Default Ridiculous "we missed you" cards - bad user interfaces

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"Chris Green" wrote in message
We generally have good (excellent even) delivery services here, we've
not lost packages, not had them put in silly places or anything like
that. So - thank you delivery drivers.

*BUT* the delivery companies' paperwork systems for telling one how
things are going are truly awful.

Today's particular problem was a "We tried to deliver your parcel!"
card that was left with the delivery. It's a "dpd local" card but
there was no way at all to link it to the parcel so I couldn't be sure
if the card was for the parcel it was sitting on or if someone else in
the house had accepted the parcel and the card had come at a different
time. There was nothing on the parcel labels showing it had been
delivered by DPD. I had to go onto their web site, enter the number
on the card and find it said it had been delivered, still not
absolutely conclusive but sort of OK.

The other thing I find really annoying is tracking notifications that
don't tell me what the parcel is or who it's from. I often have
several things 'on the way' and so this is quite significant. For
example I have a couple of E-Mails from DHL just now which say:-

Your DHL Express shipment with waybill number 7790315304 from TPC GROUP
is on its way. We will require a signature at the time of delivery.
The current estimated delivery is Mon Jun 07 2021 before End of Day.
To view your delivery options, make a change or track your shipment,
click [1]here.

There's no nasty attachments so I don't think it's a scam but on the
other hand I can't find anything I have 'in the post' that comes from
any company that matches "TPC GROUP".

Chris Green