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Default OT: Happy 'World Milk Day'. (Not if you are a dairy cow ofcourse).

On 01/06/2021 20:26, T i m wrote:

Quite, given they wouldn't actually exist in such a mutated state if
it weren't for out intrusion. Why would they?

Darwin called it 'Natural Selection', and since then we've learned how
to give it a helping hand.

You are admitting the only way they could survive is by our continuing
to exploit them (so we should)?

That's what comes from being at the top of the food chain, and the
benefits of better brain power as a result of eating meat. Just look
what happens to new recruits to religious cults - they are put on a
'cleansing diet' that just happens to have no meat in it, resulting in
them having reduced mental capacity and therefore easier to manipulate
psychologically. I doubt you'd see any parallels with evangelical veganism.