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Default Roofer with a sense of irony

Did you rib him about it?, sorry.
II know from myself that even a slight fracture in a rib is extremely
painful, since you can hardly stop breathing and any bruising or fracture
tends to move all the time.
I've been lucky, I worked with a bloke who managed to break ribs three
times in different places, mostly due to being a motor cyclist.


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"Andrew" wrote in message
On 01/06/2021 15:01, GB wrote:
My roofer (well, the roofer who fettles my roof, as I'm scared of
heights) has a keen sense of irony. He announced that he had had a fall
and broken a couple of ribs, on the stairs inside his house.

Step ladders are more dangerous than roofing ladders because
because people get complacent and take more risks.