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Default Wanted, a latch for a gate that lets it swing both ways

"Richard" wrote in message
On 24/05/2021 11:29, Chris Green wrote:
I'm looking for a gate latch that will allow a gate to swing both
ways, there are some more constraints/parameters as well:-

It's a fairly light gate, into our chicken run

It needs to be easy to operate from both sides

It can't be one of those U drop over the post ones (see below)

The best sort of thing I can think of is a ring latch something like

but without the slotted bit that constrains it from lifting right up
out of the way of the gate post. However I suspect that the above
without the constraint won't be very sound mechanically.

It's made a bit awkward because the gate is quite high and has netting
across all of it so you can't reach through to undo the existing cabin
hook and you can't use the drop-over U type latch because there's
netting right to the top of the gate and the gate post.

Does anyone have any bright ideas for this?

If you haven't found the solution yet, this is genius:

Yeah, brilliant. Wonder why it isnt available commercially.