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Default Large screen TV

On 30/05/2021 13:36, Andy Bennet wrote:
On 30/05/2021 11:43, Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
Was idly looking at some 65" TV reviews, and the 'best buy' at 3000 quid
only came with a wall mount bracket. For table top or freestanding, you
had to find and aftermarket stand - they didn't even list one as an

Seemed odd to me - despite having a largish living room there is nowhere
convenient I could wall mount a TV.

Wall mounted TV's give me neck ache after a short time of use. Can't see
what the attraction is. Always put our (admittedly tiny) 55 incher on a
proper TV table. Much more comfortable!

There is nothing compelling you to mount a wall mounted TV above the
recommended height.

There are numerous links saying essentially the same thing.