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Default OT: Happy 'World Milk Day'. (Not if you are a dairy cow ofcourse).

On 01/06/2021 22:16, T i m wrote:
On Wed, 2 Jun 2021 05:36:49 +1000, "Rod Speed"


Yep, I am a carnivore

No you aren't. You are an omnivore that has learned to be able to
digest (some) meat after processing it with fire etc.

You of all people should understand how scurvy comes about!

Quite, which goes to the importance of a natural balanced diet.
and am not stupid enough
to eat nothing but lettuce and cheese etc.

Hardly a 'balanced diet' so well done for that. And the doctor could
well advise you against eating cheese but unlikely to suggest you stop
eating lettuce.

Or may not.

And I don't tell other what they should eat either.

You would if they were holding a knife at your dogs throat.

That is effectively what you do to your dogs, eat this or starve.

But it's not about what people should or shouldn't eat, it's about
what should be considered food to a supposedly advanced species in

Yep, and advanced species evolved to eat meat and meat products as part
of a healthy, natural balanced diet.