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Default Scotch airer easy winch

On 2021-05-31, Mirabelle wrote:
9 years too late for John Stumbles, but it might help others to know
you can buy such a thing he although, stylish as
it is, it costs more than the original drying rack! There???s a good
video of it though, which would teach anyone who wanted how it works
and so could rig up something similar.

wow posh. Our local DIY shop has/had (not checked recently) all the bits
you needed to make such an airer - cast iron thingies for each end,
pulleys for roof fixing, sash cord for roping up, and cast tie off point
for wall. All parts came to considerably less, though I did buy plain
pine lats and varnished then myself. Only had to replace the cord once
in the last 32 years, and it gets pretty much daily use.