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On Tue, 1 Jun 2021 06:24:46 +1000, cantankerous trolling geezer Rodent
Speed, the auto-contradicting senile sociopath, blabbered, again:

I don't remember any house I've ever lived in where the TV set wasn't
placed diagonally in or near a corner so that its viewing angle took in
either the whole room or pretty close to that.

I'm the reverse, cant think of anyone with the TV in a corner like that.

We do however generally have much bigger houses than you lot do.

Oh, yeah? Post PROOF, you endlessly bull****ting senile asshole from Oz!

The place for a modern TV (with short aerial cables) depends of course
mainly on where the antenna output is located in the room, senile bull****

Website (from 2007) dedicated to the 86-year-old senile Australian
cretin's pathological trolling: