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Default Scotch airer easy winch

On 31/05/2021 17:15, Mirabelle wrote:
9 years too late for John Stumbles, but it might help others to know you
can buy such a thing he although, stylish as it
is, it costs more than the original drying rack! Theres a good video of
it though, which would teach anyone who wanted how it works and so could
rig up something similar.

Solution looking for a problem. We had a pulley (scotch airer) and I
could operate it when I was at Primary school without a winch. Never
too heavy for me even at 4' (still not the biggest of chaps (5' 4").
Not especially strong just the pulley didn't need that much strength.

Anything that was heavy enough to need a 60kg winch would probably
pull the pulley from the ceiling.