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Default Is there any "market" for old electronics, even for free?

On 28/05/2021 14:23, Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote:

Old network switches seem to still work as long as you don't want breakneck
speeds for things connected to them.

I inherited a heavy Netgear GS 524t switch and still haven't got round
to finding out what they do, care to enlighten me?

"Owain Lastname"
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Old modem/routers, unless they're good ones that cost £100+ new, or less
than a couple of years old, are usually close to worthless. The free ones
given away by ISPs usually aren't worth more than the £4.95 they charge for


I'm glad you said that as I'm now going to take several modems, tens of
wall warts and about 10kg of various bits of computer wiring and plugs
to the tip as soon as there is no queue to get in.