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Default Is there any "market" for old electronics, even for free?

Yes my Virgin one is just being used as a modem and I have a good router on
the back of it.
I do have an old Buffalo router upstairs that will work but it cannot keep
up with fast internet speeds and there are no more firmware updates in any
Old network switches seem to still work as long as you don't want breakneck
speeds for things connected to them.


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"Owain Lastname" wrote in message
On Friday, 28 May 2021 at 08:14:39 UTC+1, Rod Speed wrote:
Micky in ahr wasn't initially specific but later talked
about modems and routers and CRT tvs.

I've sold a CRT tv to a collector. Quite a young chap too.

(Would have had to be to carry it down the stairs.)

Old modem/routers, unless they're good ones that cost 100+ new, or less
than a couple of years old, are usually close to worthless. The free ones
given away by ISPs usually aren't worth more than the 4.95 they charge for