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Default Is there any "market" for old electronics, even for free?

Well if its a tv of the analogue type then retro gamers with old consoles or
computers are your target, if its modems, sadly not much call for them if
they have a psu though a lot of people might like an analogue psu to replace
the crappy switch mode ones that they supply now that make good radio
I was thinking about radios when I talked about tactile, or indeed washing
machines or other devices with switches.


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"Rod Speed" wrote in message
Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote

I missed the start of this, what is the device exactly?

Micky in ahr wasn’t initially specific but later talked
about modems and routers and CRT tvs.

If its something tactile and modern stuff is not then if it works then
blind charities might be a good place to start.

No its not.

"Commander Kinsey" wrote in message
On Wed, 26 May 2021 21:11:33 +0100, Bob F wrote:

On 5/26/2021 12:02 PM, micky wrote:
In, on Wed, 26 May 2021 12:53:24 +0100, "Commander
Kinsey" wrote:

I guess IIUC UPS would wrap things for shipping if I sold on ebay,
I'm not ready for that yet.

Has to be a fair price to bother with that. Ebay take 10%, then you
pay shipping. If it's not going to make a profit, put it on

The freecycle here is dying away. Get far fewer emails from them than
years ago. Though someone did take my gas lawnmower on Monday, and I
got a small stack of Handyman magazines yesterday.

But those are exceptions.

there will be someone who wants to play with old stuff, and you don't
have to bother packing it, they come and collect it.

Ebay reaches more people. Those here who read Freecycle, or NextDoor,
or a community webpage I could use, don't know how to fiddle with any
my old stuff.

When I post anything usable on freecycle or craigslist "free", it often
goes in minutes.

I thought Craigslist was a dating site?

The 50 yo cast iron table saw table took a couple days.

To carry it to the destination?