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Default Is there any "market" for old electronics, even for free?

Owain Lastname wrote
Rod Speed wrote

Micky in ahr wasnt initially specific but later talked
about modems and routers and CRT tvs.

I've sold a CRT tv to a collector. Quite a young chap too.

(Would have had to be to carry it down the stairs.)

I still have a massive great Grundig that had to have
2 of us lift onto the low table thing it still sits on.

I might cry if I took it up the dump.

Old modem/routers, unless they're good ones that cost
£100+ new, or less than a couple of years old, are usually
close to worthless. The free ones given away by ISPs usually
aren't worth more than the £4.95 they charge for postage.

My Technicolor TG789vac v2 HP is brilliant. Much better wifi
than the previous DSL modem/routers I paid good money for.