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Default OT: Why isn't China being held responsible for coronavirus?

On May 25, 2021 at 9:50:23 AM MST, "Frank" wrote

On 5/23/2021 11:16 PM, Snit wrote:
On May 23, 2021 at 11:50:36 AM MST, ""Commander Kinsey"" wrote

On Thu, 20 May 2021 19:19:07 +0100, Joel wrote:

"Commander Kinsey" wrote:

It was caused by severe negligence - unsanitary conditions in wet meat
markets. If a company accidentally outputs a load of nuclear waste and
kills millions of people, they would be held accountable.

"There are only two ways it was released: by accident due to
incompetence at Wuhan Lab or the CCP had the virus weaponized and
released on purpose. Of course this would be construed as an act of war,
an act of economic warfare. Either way the CCP is responsible for the
release of COVID-19 virus and damages incurred.
When I make a mistake and my mistake causes damages to another party, I
have a responsibility to pay for those damages. Why then is no one asking
for damages from the CCP?"

It appears that China did play down the virus in some ways for a
period of time, and that may have cost the rest of the world a
potential advantage early in the fight. But we are getting it under
control, we know how to fight it, we're committed to the fight, and
President Biden among others around the world can and will provide the
support for the effort it will take. It's a global problem, but we
know what we have to do to deal with it throughout the world.

What we need to do is bill China for creating it in the first place.
Unhygienic meat markets =3D millions of deaths worldwide. If a private
company accidentally killed millions, they would be held accountable.

And what makes you think the virus wouldn't have found another way to
spread, if not for the meat market? There were things China did
wrong, early on, but they didn't create the virus. It does seem
linked to the meat market, sure, but it didn't evolve there. Let's
not pretend that China is more guilty than they are - they do a lot of
bad things, they abuse people's rights, they didn't act entirely in
good faith about the virus, and we should call them out on such
things. But this pandemic was something the world would have to face,
it isn't relevant which country it came from.

But since it was most likely from the lab.....

There is no evidence to back that claim.

Everyone knows it came from the lab.

No, they do not. And its own generic material suggests otherwise.

China refuses to cooperate enough with WHO or anyone else to provide the
proof. China has actively destroyed any such proof and failed to cooperate
with WHO because it fears the forensic science that could find what they
think they have covered so well. So, there will be no definitive proof but
that does not mean the truth is not known. The world will have to settle for
that unfortunately. Here are two facts that may enlighten what really
probably happened. I stress, these are facts.

Fact 1) Dr. Shi, China=E2=80=99s ‘Bat Woman=E2=80=99,

Your newsreader is wonky. Shows up pooly here, too, so not just my system: an%3E

took one of her many bat coronaviruses and visited the University of North
Carolina in 2014. The head of the virology department at this time there was
Dr. Ralph Baric-the world=E2=80=99s leading authority on virus ‘gain
of function=E2=80=99. That is a nice way of saying he knew how to mutate a
virus that did not like humans into something very lethal that did like
people. The Wuhan Lab paid for this visit through a grant to the UNC.

The goal was to make Dr. Shi=E2=80=99s virus lethal to human lung tissue and
they ran an experiment to do that. They succeeded and Dr. Shi and Dr. Baric
co authored a scientific paper announcing their success. That was published
in 2015 in the prestigious journal, Nature. This is the link to the full ,
unedited,paper: and verifies what
they were trying to do and how they did it and how they were successful. It
also talks about the ‘ethics=E2=80=99=E2=80=99,or lack thereof, of
what they did. At the end of the study, Dr. Shi takes her ‘lethal
corona virus=E2=80=99 back to Wuhan Lab.

That is all fact. The information is so embedded in the net that the CCP
could not go back and erase it. The only fact you have to concern yourself
with is that according to these irreproachable sources, Dr. Shi had a human
lung eating bat coronavirus-verified in her lab- in 2015.

Fact 2) China sucks at containing lethal viruses and the Wuhan Lab was sited
many times on its lack of sufficiently trained personnel to maintain the
levels of maintenance and security needed to contain biohazards of this
magnitude. Beijing lab released the SARS virus twice. Here is the source for
as well as a recent leak at a vaccine facility that sickened 3000 people

So, though no ‘hard evidence=E2=80=99, we do have verified proof of
the Wuhan Lab housing a deadly lung eating bat coronavirus and a track
of these labs not being reliable in containing these lethal organisms. And
lastly, we have a pandemic that started in the very city of Wuhan. And
wouldn=E2=80=99t you know it. It is caused by a human lung eating bat
coronavirus. How interesting.

Now, the CCP has launched new media efforts trying to deflect that the virus
started in Wuhan. The reason is obvious as I have shown you. They seem to
cite studies showing evidence of the virus being in other countries earlier
in December. You see there is that word again-evidence. The other countries
did not destroy their samples and by tracing back they can see the virus
spread faster and further out of Wuhan than anyone would have thought. They
only thing, there is no ‘back looking=E2=80=99 at the Chinese
population ‘samples=E2=80=99 to see if there is (and there is) any
indication that it was running there long before December.

Also, here is the lastest call from MIT scientists to do a real

Currently, the Great Lord Fauci admits it may have come from their lab.

I am not aware of any title he holds, but where does he say that?

Why do we have so many Chicom apologists in ahr?

Do you mean the folks who insist on actual evidence and not fear mongering

Personal attacks from those who troll show their own insecurity. They cannot
use reason to show the message to be wrong so they try to feel somehow
superior by attacking the messenger.

They cling to their attacks and ignore the message time and time again.