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Default Wanted, a latch for a gate that lets it swing both ways

On Tue, 25 May 2021 10:01:51 +0100, Chris Green wrote:


On Mums side gate it's more 'friendly' in that the initial faces of
the part on (what would be the) slam has curved faces on both sides so
you don't have to manually 'operate' the latch to latch it (just
unlatch it).

A bit like this but with 'ramps' that are more shallow:

/| |\
/ | | \
/ | | \
/ | | \
/ ----- \
/ \

You just push it shut to about the right place and it latches (from
either direction).

Yes, that's exactly what I want, as I said I've seen big 'field gate'
sized ones of these but nothing suitable for a small 'garden gate'
sort of gate.

Well, the slam part could be 3D printed and be reasonably hard wearing
and could be fashioned to mount on whatever makes up the existing slam
(tube, square, flat etc) and the 'latch' only really needs to be a
strip of steel plate (say 25 x 5mm section) with a hole drilled off
centre (making the nose slightly heavier) and with the tang having a
slightly rounded lower edge section to help it ride up the ramps and a
stop to stop it dropping below horizontal? (crude example)

Cheers, T i m