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Default Rafter ties (PITA)


I think I already know the answer to this question (when I finally get onto it) but just looking for more info. We recently lost my Dear mum and I wanted to do something for my Dad to help him out with moving forward and that is a model railway room.

I know what I've done is not ideal or seen as fully legit but I think providing it will mostly be my dad up there then there is probably less weight up there now than there has been for years. We will also install a window at some point.

At the moment I've fitted double insulation using lattice joists and plasterboarded the unsightly gable ends. Also installed drawf walls to stop too much dust/dirt getting into the work area for the model trains. Probably need vent ports there and maybe outlets near the ridge (I think).

Aside from this I've had to make Dad a little step so he can negotiate the annoying rafter tie on the entrance side to the loft. My plan is to make him a little model railway Besides its also helping me keep busy too.

Now onto my main question - looking at the photos do we have any options at all with regards to moving the existing rafter ties. Can we put them wider or do we risk too big a gap between the centre struts onto the wall and the rafter ties.

We are trying to keep costs down as much as poss but obviously the rafter ties are to be left well alone unless a viable safe option is available.


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