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Ed Pawlowski wrote in :
One way to get some plywood
A car salesman I play hockey with just posted his dealership got in a bunch
of new Corvettes. Guess they want to do some renovations!

Yesterday, I detoured 1/2 mile to get a plate lunch at a local store. Saw an on going reroofing job with lots of ply in the dumpster. Stopped by, asked to dumpster dive and picked up 1/4 truck load of 1/2" ply "scrap", more than enough to build a work bench and upper cabinets for my nephew's shop.... about half hour's work.

When we were moving my daughter into her house last November, the neighbor was
having her roof replaced. The neighbor came over to introduce herself but I think she also
needed someone to vent to.

She told us that the roofer invoked the "Scope of Work" clause, to the tune of about $3K,
~25% of the contracted price. The roofer (supposedly) didn't know that the roof had been
skipped sheathed until they starting ripping the old roof off. That's when he told her that she
had 2 options:

1 - Pay $3K for the labor and materials to have his crew sheath the roof with plywood, or
2 - Forgo any warranty on the roof.

What doubly ****ed her off was all the scrap material she saw in the dumpster at the end of
the day. I gotta admit, some of the "cutoffs" did seem pretty big, like maybe a more efficient
layout could have been employed, but that's not for me to say.

Or calculating the optimum cuts would cost more in labor (the dufus on
the roof probably didn't have the skills) than the plywood _was_

Oh, and there was a quite of number of dufuses on the roof at this job. At least 2 Home Depot
runs worth.

The next day I saw the homeowner talking to the "guy with the clipboard" and pointing out a number
of issues. Missing trim, crooked shingles, etc. She was *really* then.

A few months later I called the Public Works department of the city that my daughter had moved to.
The city has a list of plumbing contractors on their website. My daughter had used one of them and
they did a great job so I called the city and asked if they had a list of roofing contractors. The very
nice lady said:

"No. Plumbers have to be licensed by the city so we list those who are registered. It's a not a
recommendation list, but at least the homeowner knows that the plumber meets the city's requirements.
Roofers don't have to be licensed so there's no list on our website. However, if you promise not to tell
anyone, I can tell you who I like and who I don't."

The first company on her "do not like" list was the roofer that did the job I mentioned above. She said that
the city has received a lot of complaints about them but there is not much that the city can do. Unfortunately,
anybody with a ladder and half a hammer can roof in the city. A true case of buyer beware.

That's pretty much true everywhere. *Many* houses in our neighborhood
have had their roofs replaced this year. Note that these houses were
built in 2006-2008 and all have "architect's" shingles. The shingles
should be good for another eight to ten years, if the contractor did a
crap job.

One neighbor had a drive-by roofer tell them that it looked like they
had hail damage and they'd do a free inspection, promising that if
they did find problems that their insurance company would pay to
replace the roof. Of course they did find damage and for days after,
shingles were raining down from the roof. The insurance company told
them to get lost but they decided to hire the same company to replace
the roof. They still believe they got a good deal. I've seen the
same roofer on at least a dozen houses around the neighborhood (of
70ish homes).

I told my wife that if *anyone* came around and wanted to get on the
roof that my shotgun was under the bed.