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Default How do you memorise 6-digit authentication codes?

Chris Green wrote:
In uk.d-i-y Martin Brown wrote:
On 14/05/2021 13:16, Pamela wrote:
A web site sends you 6-digit number to your phone to check your ID. Do
you memorise this by saying to yourself: 12-34-56 or 123-456?

It's a genuine question to see what number span people are using to
remember random numbers.

Why do you need to memorise it at all? It is a one time code that only
needs to be in short term memory for at most a few seconds as 123456.

More of a problem for me is poor signal resulting in the website timing
out whilst I wait for the authentication code to arrive. Last week I had
to go and wave the phone around in the garden to get enough signal for
the SMS to arrive. First time round it failed at fifteen minute timeout

Another good reason for having a virtual mobile number, I have one
from Andrews and Arnold, costs £1.20/month and well worth it IMHO.
The code arrives just about instantly and I can simply copy/paste it
into my browser, no memory required.

iphones do this automatically. They extract sms codes ready for you to
paste into whatever field you want.