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Default Lonely Obnoxious Cantankerous Auto-contradicting Senile Ozzie Troll Alert!

On Sat, 15 May 2021 09:12:06 +1000, cantankerous trolling geezer Rodent
Speed, the auto-contradicting senile sociopath, blabbered, again:

Surely the only rule is that it is discourteous to confirm back a number
NOT in the format first spoken. E.g. 23 93 73 confirmed back as 239 373

Yeah, I find that a real nuisance but presumably thatĘs
how its shown on their screen when you tell them the
number and they read it back to confirm it.

Actually it's a double-check and reassurance that the order is really right,
in any way it's presented, senile asshole!

Richard addressing senile Rodent Speed:
"**** you're thick/pathetic excuse for a troll."