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Default Plywood trade

On Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 1:19:30 AM UTC-5, Puckdropper wrote:
Ed Pawlowski wrote in :
One way to get some plywood

A car salesman I play hockey with just posted his dealership got in a bunch
of new Corvettes. Guess they want to do some renovations!


Yesterday, I detoured 1/2 mile to get a plate lunch at a local store. Saw an on going reroofing job with lots of ply in the dumpster. Stopped by, asked to dumpster dive and picked up 1/4 truck load of 1/2" ply "scrap", more than enough to build a work bench and upper cabinets for my nephew's shop..... about half hour's work.

Update: Got the main and "screen" doors installed on nephew's pool house. "Screen" door with no screen, but acrylic glass.... nephew's wife wanted to see her new main door. Threshold and its foundation needed work, as well, and got that done prior to door install. Large window still needs a little trim (paint) work. Scroll right for 2 more pics.

Today, I pulled out lots of lumber to start the work bench/cabinets build. Yeah, as K, in the past, when I'd go to to Lowes, HD, etc., I'd always pick up sheets of ply for future use..... and dumpster dive when I saw good pickings.