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Default It pays to save electronics scrap.

On 03/05/2021 21:32, Andrew Smallshaw wrote:
On 2021-05-03, Abandoned_Trolley wrote:

some military grade wires are "made more expensive" by being silver
plated - although they might look like they are tinned.

Also, the insulation is often of teflon instead of PVC

Sounds a lot like wire-wrap wire, a lot of them are ETFE or PTFE
coated (it most definitely isn't all Kynar), silver plated. The
plating is for corrosion resistance (particularly in wire wrapped
joints) although there are some theoretical advantages at high
frequencies I would generally consider the wire unsuitable at those

I was referring to "normal" multi stranded hook up wire - theres a
different set of rules for wire wrapping.

In some wrapping systems the insulation is left on the wire, and pierced
by the shapened corners of the post - similar to IDC technology. I guess
in those cases the trick is to pierce the insulation, but not the plating ?