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Default Tidy?

On 01/05/2021 13:42, NY wrote:
"T i m" wrote in message
we only have to think of the animal suffering and we would rather just go
without. The problem is the assumption that we had the right to any of
this stuff in the first place and we didn't

This is the problem I have with veganism: the fact that you (and other
vegans) would rather go without than compromise animal suffering. For
me, the needs/desires of humans comes first. If those can be satisfied
without compromising animals, so much the better.

The problem I have is that he starts off by assuming something as
nebulous and ill defined as 'right' actually exists.

The he compounds it by implying its a universal quality, not just a
human thing.

It's pure Marxist ********.
Star off by assuming an absolute moral position that is entirely
unsupported by dialectical materialism, which is allegedly what Marxism
espouses, and go on to 'prove' a load of socialist spaff...

Neither humans nor animals have any rights at all. Let's start from there.

The biggest threat to humanity comes from socialism, which has utterly
diverted our attention away from what really matters to our existential
survival, to indulging in navel gazing and faux moral investigations
into what the world ought to be, whilst we fail utterly to deal with
what it actually is.