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Default Tidy?

On 27 Apr 2021 at 09:53:52 BST, "T i m" wrote:

Couple of days usually. I'd still pine for some
things - usually real crap, like sausages.

I'm guessing you have / tried all the vegan alternatives Rob (I
appreciate they are processed but still better than meat)? [1] We like
all we have tried (some more than others) but if you are looking for
something familiar (shape / texture / taste) to fill some
psychological role (and we often do, like on a fried breakfast) then
we have found they are fine. Further, I *really* don't miss the random
bits of bone, gristle or other 'surprises' you can often find in
processed meat. ;-)

I have/do try alternatives - very little if any meat in the house. Most of the
veg/vegan processed meals (burgers, pies etc.) are not healthy in any sense
that I can see. So insofar as I buy/eat that sort of junk - maybe once a week
- it'll be vegetable. Bought some vegan cheese earlier - I may be some time

I guess if you have eaten the same thing, 'meat and two veg' every
day, 'fish on Fridays ...' for most of your life then even the change
from that would be too much for some. ;-)

That was how I was brought up - and I still do that occasionally - but the
'meat' will be something veg-processed like a frozen pie. Mostly it's soups,
curries, and pasta sauces.

I'll have an egg a day in some form. That i think would be the most difficult
habit to give up. I'd like to think that I could reconcile eating eggs with
non-human animal decency, having looked after some hens for a while. But a
vegan friend it pretty hostile to the suggestion - to the point that he thinks
it's so obviously abhorrent that he hasn't explained/we haven't discussed in
any depth.

I suspect I'm lucky in the sense that I'm not that in to food. I'm only half
joking when I tell people (if asked) that my favourite food is toast :-)

Cheers, Rob