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Default PC Power supply

On Thu, 29 Apr 2021 16:23:09 -0400, Paul


For example, my newest PC idles at 100W,


and when
both the GPU and the 156W CPU are engaged, it can
go up to 400W.

Nice room heater. ;-)

But, if I were engineering for a
light-dedicated application (like running TV tuners
but not transcoding), then 200W would cover it.

The (passive / silent) TVHeadend server I built draws around 12W idle
and a bit more when running all (USB) 4 tuners?

I think the RPi2B OMV NAS with a 3TB USB drive is less than 8W. The
Synology NAS was quite low as well.

My WHS with 4 laptop drives around 20W and my new Odroid Home
Assistant server is supposed to be just over 2W. ;-)

I think this MacMini was about 18W and the ITX box I built to replace
it about the same.

I've not used the Buffalo Terastation NAS's a mate gave me as even the
empty chassis (4 x RAID slots) runs at about 36W, the same power
consumption as the mini freezer we have just bought. ;-)
(Not sure what the spikes are)?
(I think the dropouts in the graph are because the ESP32 used to
monitor the temperature has marginal WiFi signal. I am probably going
to move the ESP32 nearer the AP and add two more sensors (to the same
ESP32) to monitor the fridge and main freezer).

That is the free air temperature of the inside of the freezer taken
using a One Wire digital temperature sensor - DS18B20.

Cheers, T i m