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Default PC Power supply

On 29/04/2021 16:40, pinnerite wrote:
The power supply in my home build low profile HTPC has become very noisy.

It is a Zalman ZM500-GT 500W and very good until recently.

I want to replace it with a low noise job but do not want to spend more than I need to. Very few of those advertised on the Internet quote how many dbs to expect.

Does anyone have any knowledge of what might be a good choice?

Any that say they are quiet will probably be fine.

Depending on just how noisy the bearings have become you might be able
to ameliorate it with some silicone washers on the fixings. That is what
I did to effectively silence my own PC which from new as built had a
slightly annoying fan hum that made the case resonate. It is now
effectively silent after adding four soft silicone washers.

If you are feeling brave you could probably replace the fan in the
current unit even though officially there are no user serviceable parts
in them. To bench test a PSU check for the instructions online.

I have had one PC PSU where the magic smoke followed by sparks came out
whilst it was in use. I switched the PC off PDQ. Smoke smelt foul.

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